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If there is one piece of strength training equipment that can be the foundation of your gym, it's the power cage. Also called the squat rack, power rack, or powerlifting rack, a power cage offers the greatest upper body workouts possible. The barbell can be loaded with Olympic weight plates and safely on and off the hooks or catches. Bench presses, squats, and other exercises put heavy weight on not only the target muscle group but also peripheral, stabilizer muscles, providing plenty of functional strength.

Like other strength equipment, power cages come in a few varieties with different sizes, weight capacities, intended application and more. Full power cages are enclosed with 4 uprights, half power cages are more open and have 2 uprights and there are also power rack/bench combo packages.

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Best Fitness Power Rack
Best Fitness BFPR100 Full Power Rack
$599.00 $260.00
Powerline Power Rack
Powerline PPR200X Full Power Rack
$558.00 $465.00
Valor Fitness BD-11 Hard Power Rack
Valor Fitness BD-11 Full Power Rack
$544.80 $454.00
BodyCraft Power Cage
BodyCraft F430 Full Weight Lifting Cage
$1,099.00 $899.00
Xtreme Monkey 365 Power Rack
Xtreme Monkey XM-3799 365 Full Power Rack
$1,299.00 $1,079.00
Yukon Fitness Caribou III Power Rack
Yukon Fitness CPR-143 Caribou III Home Gym Power Rack & Smith Machine
$946.80 $789.00
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Discount Powerlifting Rack Q & A:

Why use a power cage?

If you will be buying a power cage for home use, then you will have the convenience of getting a full set of potential strength workouts. It's the kind of versatile training equipment that will help you make most of the gains you are looking for due to a power cage's versatility. Many people find it easier to just walk into their garage or dedicated workout room and begin working out right away. No commute, no extra time and sacrifice, which makes it easier to stick with. Using your new power cage can quickly become an enjoyable, almost meditative ritual that you look forward to. Not only that, but you can add accessories as you go. There are plenty of possibilities such as a lat attachment (with both weight stack or Olympic plates for resistance), pull up bar (although most racks come with one already), weight plate storage, etc. If you only had to choose one piece of strength training equipment for your own gym (besides the bench, barbell and Olympic weight plates), a power cage is hands down the best choice.

Power cages are simple but powerful. For equipment that offers so much dimension to your weight lifting routine, they are relatively simple in design. No display, power source, minimal moving parts - just heavy gauge steel that will last for years. Our manufacturers offer generous warranties on power cages that will keep you purchase more than protected, but the reliability of a power cage is almost impossible to beat.

Also, there's no getting around it: with more weight, there's more risk of injury. The safety of a power cage cannot be emphasized enough. Using a power cage is almost always preferable to doing squats or presses with simple squat stands. It's absolutely better than using a barbell with nothing else but the floor. Most power cages today not only have sturdy hooks where you can easily return the barbell at the end of your reps, but also powerful safety bars that will keep you safe if you lift to failure and cannot finish a rep. What good is a power cage for home if it's not "self-spotting". 

If you are looking for a power cage to equip your commercial gym or facility, then the power cage is just as indispensable. One of the criticisms of big, nationwide "chain" sort of membership gyms is that there is not nearly enough emphasis on strength training. You can find plenty of people on the cardio equipment, which has its place, but by comparison, the free weight section is lacking. If you want to offer something valuable and special to clients, then there's a good opportunity to stock up on state of the art, heavy-grade power cages.

How can a power cage help me lose weight?

When you build muscle, your body has to burn more calories to maintain the muscle compared to fat. Even in between workouts, you are burning through fat stores, gradually changing your body composition. A power cage gives lets you safely load up as much weight and perform as many sets as you can handle, which gives you a great opportunity to pack on muscle mass and kickstart your metabolism.

What is a good power rack for a beginner?

We have plenty of good options, but one fantastic option is the New York Barbells 84" Power Rack. It's a full power cage with a staggering weight capacity all for a relatively low price.

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