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Home Gym Buyer's Guide

Buying a new home gym system might seem difficult or expensive at first, but this buyer's guide is designed to help you zero on the best home gym machine for you. If you have any questions about our total training gyms, don't hesitate to contact us. And remember, every single gym ships free to the lower 48 states and comes with fantastic manufacturer warranties. There are many great options. You can't go wrong!

What other strength training equipment do you have?

Many people looking to buy a total gym trainer are interested in an all-in-one gym, and some gyms can get as close to offering every exercise as possible. However, you might already have some free weights or weight machines. In this case, you may not need to get a gym with absolutely everything.

For example, if you already have a full power rack, possibly with a lat attachment (common accessory), then you might not benefit from a gym that has a shoulder press or a lat pull down function. The same is true for a few other strength training workouts, including seated rows, pec flies, leg curls and extensions, preacher curls and more. If you have bodyweight resistance gear but few or no free weights, then a gym with a weight stack that offers a powerful full body workout could revolutionize your exercise. The more complex your home gym already is, the less complex your gym system needs to be and vice versa.

Here's another point to consider? Do you already have Olympic weight plates? The same weight plates you might have already used with a power rack or weight machine you can use with a leverage gym.

What are your strength training goals?

Everyone starts in a different place and wants different things out of a home gym. By definition, a home gym will help you target different muscle groups, but there are differences in the amount of resistance possible, the type of resistance, the planes of motion and of course, the number of both upper and lower body exercises.

You might be interested in developing functional strength for your upper body and core. An incline trainer could help you accomplish just that. You lay or sit on a large, padded board that slides up and down a rail, using different inclines to optimize your body weight resistance. An incline gym can be used just like an abdominal board for challenging sit ups. Using the cables and various handle attachments, users can also perform different chest and arm exercises.

For the ultimate experience in functional training, you can't go wrong with a cable crossover training. Cable machines are extremely popular for good reasons. Like any other kind of weight machine, they offer a graduated weight resistance by using Olympic plates or a weight stack. Since you can move the pulleys anywhere from the top to the bottom and have options for different handle attachments, the sky really is the limit for both upper and lower body workouts. You are building muscle mass and tone while developing fantastic functional strength that's beneficial for sports, endurance and daily living in general.

To focus on certain muscle groups with heavy (but safe) weights, you can use either a single or multi station gym. Most commonly users can do most exercises from a seated position, facing away from the gym. Using just one weight stack, you can perform some common but powerful workouts, including lat pulldowns, chest and shoulder presses, and pec flies.

For a unique cross between a power rack and weight machines, get a leverage gym. Unlike many other gym systems, a leverage gym uses Olympic plates placed on at different angles. Weight stacks are simple for anybody to use and adjust and are great with pulley systems. Olympic plates achieve high resistance but provide effectively higher and more direct resistance than you would have with a pulley. Like a power rack or a smith machine, you can do some serious bench and shoulder presses. Like with weight machines, you get the potential for heavy weight training of other muscle groups.

What is your budget?

Gym systems or total trainers give about as much bang for your buck as any strength training equipment can, but a budget is always an important factor, of course. Fortunately, it's not always the most expensive gym system that is best for your individual needs. This guide is intended to take you to the best gym for you at the best price by outlining key factors. There are also some "staff picks" below where you can see the most popular gyms in different categories and price ranges. Generally speaking, the price ranges from lower to higher follow the organization on our store: incline, cable, single and multi station home gyms.

Do you need a home or commercial gym?

The setting is a straightforward way to narrow down your search, of course. For commercial users, the choice is easier. If this is you, then you likely have a good idea of the kind of features you need, the room you have on the floor and what your allowable purchase price is. Incline trainers are all but exclusively used in home settings, but as for other gym systems, there are always commercial warranties, whether light or commercial. Whether you are starting up a new, specialized fitness studio or have a large, established membership gym, there are entire lines developed just for you. The combined decades of experience in fitness manufacturing from our brands give you tremendous opportunity to completely outfit your gym and provide your clients the best experience possible.

If you are a home user, the world of gym systems is wide open to you as far as warranties. By purchasing through our store, you are entitled to a generous warranty no matter which gym system you purchase. If you choose a "light commercial" or "full commercial" gym system, then more than likely, your purchase is protected for a lifetime.

Best Home Gym Machines for Sale

Gym systems are obviously sophisticated, powerful, comprehensive and sometimes complicated styles of strength training equipment, but here are some helpful rankings representing different categories. These rankings take into account all the most important features combined with the overall value.

Best Incline Total Trainer

The Bayou Fitness DLX-III Home Gym is the most innovative, easy to use, portable incline trainer today. The design is robust and sleek, with incredible attention to usability and craftsmanship.

The number of attachments and accessories are astounding and unlock the enormous potential to tone and strengthen your upper and lower body. For relatively small assembled dimensions compared to most other strength training equipment, the DLX-III has an impressive 400 pound weight capacity and features 11 different incline levels. As if that weren't enough, this incline trainer even comes with a DVD and cards complete with exercise plans and cool down routines tailored to your fitness goals.

Best Cable Trainer

The Body Solid Functional Training Center 200 features two weight stack columns, each with a max of 20 adjustments and 180 degree cable rotation. Altogether this cable crossover machine gives users a staggering amount of control over their exercises, weight capacity and ranges of motion. There are hundreds of isolateral exercises that you can perform, each of which develops powerful functional strength by calling on your major muscle groups and stabilizer muscles of your upper and lower body. The Body Solid GDCC200 Cable Machine is the gold standard of cable crossovers for its price, function, efficiency, diversity, unbeatable craftsmanship and reliability.

Best Leverage Home Gym

You can't go wrong with the Body Solid Corner Leverage Gym. For anyone who wants to maximize the efficiency of upper body workouts and floor space while taking on heavyweight, then the GLGS100 is the ideal choice. You can perform lat pulldowns, presses and low row exercises using only leverage and aircraft-grade cables. All in all, this leverage gym offers phenomenal value for an incredibly affordable price.

Best Single Station Home Gym

The Body Solid 25th Anniversary G6B Home Gym is revolutionary. For a single stack home gym, the G6B maximizes functionality and combines the best elements of other gym systems better than any other gym system of its kind today. 

The patented Bi-Angular Press Arms provide multi-directional movement engages muscles 25% more than other selectorized chest press machines. The extra range of motion engages your stabilizer muscles for a better-rounded strength, which is one of greatest draws of using a power cage for free weight bench presses. The G6B also brings out the best of cable crossover exercises, with different available attachments and support for exercises involving higher weight resistance than your own body weight.

Best Multi Station Gym

The BodyCraft Galena Pro Strength Training System is BodyCraft's longest selling home gym. The innovative stations include a dual-funciton pec dec that privdes traditional and dumbbell flys, an optional leg press, a low pulley station and a press/pull station. The Galena Pro gives you an unbeatable full body workout at home and is built with quality to last a lifetime through all your training goals.