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A couple years ago, we were in the same situation a lot of our customers are in now. We were 100% ready to kickstart the very best strength training routine possible but lacked the right equipment, most importantly, a solid, heavy steel power cage with a high weight capacity for ambitious lifting! Frankly, our search locally for a good power rack didn't turn up many exciting results, even at top sports stores.

Frustrated, we turned online, which fortunately turned up dozens of options. We were closer to zeroing in on that perfect power cage, but with so many great options it was hard and time-consuming to find the best option.

We created this store to solve both problems. More than business owners, we're fitness enthusiasts and customers as well. We are determined to bring the greatest power cages and other strength training equipment to light and show people in plain language which products they can select to create a perfect custom gym.

If you have any questions, reach out to us on the contact page at any time.